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While anyone can suffer from debilitating injuries in a motor vehicle accident, it’s well known that one of the most vulnerable groups is bicyclists. Unfortunately, the state of California leads the nation in bicyclist fatalities. As the LA Times put it, “if you are going to be killed by a car while riding a bicycle, there’s a good chance you are male, older than 20 and living in California or Florida.” California has some of the busiest roads in the country and while bicyclists have the same rights to the road as vehicles, many drivers fail to acknowledge and respect this right, often putting bicyclists in harm’s way.

If you or someone you love has been injured, you can turn to our compassionate Encino bicycle accident attorneys at Binder Law Group to pursue justice on your behalf. While we are gentle and attentive to our clients’ every need, we’re also aggressive when it comes to holding negligent drivers responsible for their actions. You can trust us to go after the maximum amount of compensation available under the law.

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What are the Bicycle Laws in California?

The California Vehicle Code establishes that bicyclists are to operate with the same responsibilities and rights as motor vehicle drivers, which means among other things that bicyclists must not ride under the influence and be able to follow traffic signals like any other driver.

Some special rules that apply to bicyclists in the state include:

  • Drivers must give bicyclists at least three feet of space when they drive alongside them
  • No driver can obstruct a bicycle lane by stopping or parking in it
  • Bicyclists have a right to be in a lane even if they’re riding slowly when they’re passing, preparing for a left turn, when a lane is too narrow to share, or when they’re avoiding hazards in the road

Additionally, bicyclists are required to ride with the flow of traffic and must use the bike lane unless they’re making turns or avoiding road hazards. Drivers who fail to adhere to these rules can be held responsible for negligence and have to pay for any damages caused in the resulting accident.

Common Causes of Accidents

While bicycle accidents can be caused by other bicyclists or even pedestrians who are acting in a negligent way, the reality is that most bicycle accidents are caused by the drivers of motor vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles.

Some common causes of accidents include:

  • Speeding: Drivers who go above the speed limit have less time to respond to a road hazard and are more likely to lose control of their vehicles when making turns. Additionally, vehicles that speed are more likely to cause more damage in accidents due to the amount of force they carry. Accidents involving speeding often cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities.
  • Unsafe lane changes: All drivers are expected to make lane changes safely by signaling to others on the road and checking their blind spots to make sure the lane is clear. However, drivers don’t always do this, and they may merge into the bicyclist’s lane without checking to see if it’s clear.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents and is a common cause of bicycle accidents. These occur when drivers are on their phones or otherwise not paying attention to the road, meaning they’re less likely to notice a bicyclist and give them the space they need.
  • Failure to yield: Drivers are supposed to yield to bicyclists at intersections and roundabouts, but sometimes they fail to do so if they are distracted or behaving recklessly.

How We Can Hold Drivers Liable for Damages

Bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries for the bicyclist, so it’s understandable that you want to know how can be held legally responsible for damages. The more serious the injury, the more expensive it can be if you have mounting medical bills and have to miss days or even weeks of work to recover. Our attorneys can investigate your accident and determine whether the driver causing your injuries is negligent; if they caused your accident after drinking and driving or being distracted, for instance, we can hold them financially responsible.

Our team has successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, which include damages like:

  • Medical bills, including costs of ambulance rides, surgeries, hospital stays, physical therapy, and more
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages or reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

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  • Ruben M. v. ABC Construction Company $1,800,000

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    Dangerous Condition of Public Property & Injury to Two Pedestrians

  • Diekmann v. State of California $1,366,923

    A solo vehicular accident resulting in wrongful death. The case was based upon highway design defect.

  • ABC v. v. XYZ $1,075,000

    A solo accident on an All-Terrain Vehicle resulting in serious personal injuries.

  • Apodaca v. Rouhana $1,000,000

    Wrongful death of a 17-year-old girl who was struck by bakery truck on highway.

  • ABC v. XYZ $1,000,000

    A truck vs. auto accident resulting in a closed head injury to a neonatal nurse.

  • ABC v. XYZ* $3,270,000 & $2,000,000

    $3,270,000.00 settlement not including an additional $2,000,000.00 structured settlement in a wrongful death action arising out of a construction site accident.

  • ABC v. XYZ* $13,480,000

    A plane crash resulting in wrongful death. The decedent traveled to the east coast to evaluate a plane for purchase.

  • Black v. Yuja, M.D., Inc. $2,922,275

    Jury verdict for a medical malpractice/wrongful death action involving the misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer.

  • ABC v. XYZ* $2,500,000

    Medical malpractice case involving delayed diagnosis of meningococcemia on 10 year old boy resulting in quadruple amputation.


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