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Personal Injury Attourneys in Encino

Trust Our In-Depth Legal Services

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, there are numerous issues you will have to deal with, including auto repairs, medical treatment, medical expenses, loss of earnings, and uncaring insurance companies. An experienced law firm can make a huge difference in how smoothly your issues are handled, and hiring one can truly help you move on. The Encino lawyers of Binder Law Group have nearly 50 years of combined legal experience representing people throughout Southern California in their personal injury claims. We want to help you move on with your life. Let us help you get results.

Contact us online or by phone at (818) 740-7667 for a free consultation regarding your claim. Our team has more than 40 years of experience that we look forward to putting to work for you.

We Put You First

We believe in putting our clients first, and we provide each of them with individualized, personal service. We make it a point to be readily accessible to answer your questions and concerns.

Our lawyers provide focused personal injury legal representation in serious injury and wrongful death claims from:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: From rollover truck accidents to rear-end collisions, we provide representation to clients who have been seriously injured in all types of vehicles.
  • Dog bites and attacks: A dog bite can cause serious scarring to the face and limbs, affecting the victim for years to come. Our attorneys can help if you've been attacked by a dog or other dangerous pet.
  • Metrolink train accidents: Our attorneys have represented clients injured on trains and in car-train collisions.
  • Aviation accidents: While rare, an aviation accident can cause serious and devastating injuries to passengers and pilots.
  • Construction site accidents: Construction sites host a wide range of dangers. From falling debris or collapsing scaffolding, we can help you if you have suffered an injury on a construction site, including handling workers’ compensation and third-party liability claims.
  • Dangerous premises: Property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident or as a result of inadequate security, our attorneys can help you hold the property owner accountable.
  • Products liability & auto defects: Our lawyers have sued countless auto manufacturering giants after a defect caused serious injuries.
  • Amusement park accidents: If you have been injured in at an amusement park or carnival, contact us to see if you have a case.
  • Wrongful death: Any accident can result in premature death. Contact us if you’ve lost a loved one due to negligence of another.

If you have suffered any of the following injuries as the result of an accident, come into our firm for a free case evaluation:

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A personal injury lawsuit is defined as a legal dispute between two parties regarding an accident where one of the parties is legally responsible for.

There are two types of lawsuits, including:

  • Formal Lawsuit: This is considered to be a complaint made by the injured party against the other, a business or corporation. It also includes hiring a personal injury attorney to represent them in civil court.
  • Informal Settlement: This consists an informal settlement that is drafted by the two parties, their attorneys, and the insurance companies. The written agreement is reach by negotiations by both sides.

If you have suffered through personal injuries during an accident, do not wait and reach out to our Encino personal injury attorneys at Binder Law Group. Call us today to discuss your options.

How Our Team Can Help

If you have sustained injuries in an accident, getting financial help to pay for your medical bills and cover earnings that you lost due to your accident is important for your recovery. In most instances, the party responsible for your injuries will have insurance to cover your accident-related expenses but getting the compensation that you deserve will most likely be a challenge.

Our team has represented thousands of injured clients all over Southern California. From experience, we have found that insurance companies make it difficult for injured parties to obtain compensation, denying claims or reducing claims to insignificant values that are inadequate to cover medical bills and lost wages. Insurance companies look after their own bottom line—not yours. This is why it’s crucial to have an experienced law firm beside you when dealing with insurance companies.

Our attorneys can guide you on your next steps, not only preserve your right to claim compensation but also for you to receive the full value that you legally deserve. We have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to guide our clients and the public in pursuing accident insurance claims.

    Put 4 decades of experience on your side

    Schedule a free case evaluation with one of our Personal Injury Lawyers today and call (818) 740-7667 today.

    Tips for Accident Insurance Claims

    Report your accident to the insurance company: It is important to report your accident to your insurance company immediately after the accident. If your own vehicle has sustained serious damage, your insurer can help you obtain a rental or replacement vehicle. If you or a passenger in your vehicle has sustained injuries in the accident, you should also report your accident to the other driver’s insurance company.

    Review and understand the terms of your own insurance policy: In some cases, the driver responsible for your injuries does not have insurance or is underinsured. Check your own insurance policy to determine whether your own policy covers uninsured/uninsured motorists (also known as UIM).

    Preserve evidence of your accident: Do not sell or immediately repair your vehicle following a serious accident. Your motor vehicle is a critical piece of evidence that can hold answers to the cause of your accident. If your lawyer is unable to use your vehicle in evidence, your case may be jeopardized, and you may not be able to recover the full value of compensation that you deserve.

    Do not make any statements to the other driver’s insurance company: Any statements that you provide without the advice of a lawyer may be used to deny your claim or limit its value.

    Do not sign documents without seeing an attorney. The other driver’s insurance company may ask you to sign an authorization giving them access to medical records that they can use against your claim. Work with your personal injury lawyer who can provide what the insurance company needs without compromising your claim.

    Hire a lawyer to advise and represent you. Your lawyer can help with every part of your accident claim in order to maximize your eventual financial recovery for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

    Call (818) 740-7667 now, our Encino attorneys are aggressive when it comes to achieving optimal results and holding guilty parties responsible in personal injury claims.

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    Making a Difference for Our Clients

    • Ruben M. v. ABC Construction Company $1,800,000

      A Wrongful Death Automobile Accident Case, Which Stems From the Wrongful Death of Plaintiffs’ Teenage Daughter.

    • Auto v. Pedestrian $6,618,000

      Dangerous Condition of Public Property & Injury to Two Pedestrians

    • Diekmann v. State of California $1,366,923

      A solo vehicular accident resulting in wrongful death. The case was based upon highway design defect.

    • ABC v. v. XYZ $1,075,000

      A solo accident on an All-Terrain Vehicle resulting in serious personal injuries.

    • Apodaca v. Rouhana $1,000,000

      Wrongful death of a 17-year-old girl who was struck by bakery truck on highway.

    • ABC v. XYZ $1,000,000

      A truck vs. auto accident resulting in a closed head injury to a neonatal nurse.

    • ABC v. XYZ* $3,270,000 & $2,000,000

      $3,270,000.00 settlement not including an additional $2,000,000.00 structured settlement in a wrongful death action arising out of a construction site accident.

    • ABC v. XYZ* $13,480,000

      A plane crash resulting in wrongful death. The decedent traveled to the east coast to evaluate a plane for purchase.

    • Black v. Yuja, M.D., Inc. $2,922,275

      Jury verdict for a medical malpractice/wrongful death action involving the misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer.

    • ABC v. XYZ* $2,500,000

      Medical malpractice case involving delayed diagnosis of meningococcemia on 10 year old boy resulting in quadruple amputation.