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Accidents such as slips and falls can happen while you are on someone else’s property. Even the simplest slip and fall accident can have devastating consequences, causing severe injuries that can permanently change a person’s life. Businesses and property owners owe visitors and invitees a duty to maintain their property in a safe condition and are required to provide notice that a dangerous condition exists on their premises.

If you are injured at another person’s property or premises, you must not only notify the property or business owner of your injury but must also speak to an attorney immediately to ensure that your rights are protected under the situation. Our Encino premises liability attorneys have more than 40 years of experience helping injured clients and can get the results you need when you call Binder Law Group for help.

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Premises Liability Accidents: How Do They Happen?

One reoccurring question that our Encino premises liability attorneys hear time and time again after a case is established is, “how can this happen?” And we understand why those who are injured are asking.

Slip and fall accidents are usually the result of a danger making its way to the ground or floor, which is exactly where it should not be. This can include liquids on a retail store floor, or even an uneven surface such as a loose rug or carpeting. Unfortunately, negligence can produce dangerous conditions everywhere, including objects falling from overhead causing injury.

When someone is injured as a result of the negligence involved in these conditions remaining a hazard, our attorneys not only ask how could it happen, but we proceed with our cases to insure it does not happen to someone else.

Were You Involved in Premises Liability Accident in Encino?

If you were involved in an accident in a retail venue the very first thing to do is assess your injuries. If you are seriously injured, call 911 immediately to get the emergency medical care you need.

Should your injuries not require medical transport, notify an employee immediately and ask that the manager become involved in the filing of a formal incident report. Be sure to obtain a copy of the report before leaving, to insure there are no changes made after your departure.

Record the conditions that caused your injury by taking pictures before the negligent conditions are cleaned up. Ask the manager or employee involved if the retail outlet has surveillance video available, and request the footage be preserved for your records.

Take care to write down the names and contact information of employees, managers, loss prevention staff, and any witnesses who were at the scene at the time of the incident, or who were made aware after the fact to record the complaint. Keep the clothing and shoes you were wearing at the time in the exact condition they are in after the accident. This could be very important to your Encino premises liability case later.

Documenting the incident from beginning to end is instrumental in taking your Encino premises liability case and pursuing a monetary settlement. If you are injured in a retail outlet, remain calm and take the proper steps to insure you have all of the information you need to solidify your Encino premises liability claim, including notifying the store’s employees. Do not panic, and do not let anyone rush you out of the store in an effort to brush the incident under the rug. If you are injured as a result of negligence, you deserve to be compensated as a result.

The Importance of Proving Negligence

Proving negligence is the cornerstone of a legal case, and thereby is required to pursue damages. Personal conduct can sometime result in injury, without the existence of negligence, and in these cases there is absolutely zero legal obligation to deliver a monetary settlement.

Our legal team can determine whether negligence is involved and resulted in personal injury.

Common Causes of Premises Liability

Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents can happen in any of the following situations:

  • Floors with slippery fluids such as water, oil, and grease
  • Cracked sidewalks and pavements as well as potholes
  • Uneven floors, curbs, and steps
  • Poorly lighted areas
  • Falling debris and other items
  • Broken equipment
  • Broken rails and stairs

Other types of dangerous conditions can also lead to injuries for which business owners or property owners may be held responsible. Broken glass, unattended dogs, and inadequate security can also cause injuries that property owners have a duty to prevent. It’s important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney to determine whether you are entitled to premises liability compensation in your situation.

If you have been seriously injured in the premises of another party, your immediate concern is to recover from your injuries and resume work and your usual activities as soon as possible. This means getting appropriate medical care and treatment, paying all your medical bills, and recovering wages or salaries that you may have lost as a result of your accident. Based in Encino, the law firm of Binder Law Group has been helping people in the Southern California area with their premises liability cases and slip and fall injury for nearly four decades. Call us now to learn more about how we can help you.

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  • Ruben M. v. ABC Construction Company $1,800,000

    A Wrongful Death Automobile Accident Case, Which Stems From the Wrongful Death of Plaintiffs’ Teenage Daughter.

  • Auto v. Pedestrian $6,618,000

    Dangerous Condition of Public Property & Injury to Two Pedestrians

  • Diekmann v. State of California $1,366,923

    A solo vehicular accident resulting in wrongful death. The case was based upon highway design defect.

  • Black v. Yuja, M.D., Inc. $2,922,275

    Jury verdict for a medical malpractice/wrongful death action involving the misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer.

  • Carlos Madrigal, et al. v. Allstate Indemnity Co. $14,528,208.86

    On June 15, 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit affirmed a jury verdict and judgment from the United States District Court

  • Chanel W. v. XYZ* $1,000,000

    Medical malpractice involving hypoperfusion to a 5-year-old girl during cardiothoracic surgery.

  • ABC v. v. XYZ $1,075,000

    A solo accident on an All-Terrain Vehicle resulting in serious personal injuries.

  • ABC v. XYZ $1,000,000

    A truck vs. auto accident resulting in a closed head injury to a neonatal nurse.

  • ABC v. XYZ $1,475,000

    Medical malpractice following lumbar laminectomy.

  • ABC v. XYZ* $3,270,000 & $2,000,000

    $3,270,000.00 settlement not including an additional $2,000,000.00 structured settlement in a wrongful death action arising out of a construction site accident.


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