Widow to Launch Non Profit to Fight Distracted Driving

Distracted driving accidents continue to put the lives of countless drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in dire danger daily. Due to an accident that took the life of her husband in 2014, an Alabama widow has decided to launch a non-profit that will focus on making others aware about the risks associated with the activity.

But that’s not the only fight she’s embraced to ensure others are not impacted. According to local news sources, she’s also doing her best to pass a law that would tighten up local texting and driving law enforcement.

The accident that caused her to decide to act happened on May of 2014. Her husband was riding his motorcycle at the same time a 2002 GMC truck driver failed to notice the motorcyclist at the intersection of a local road and the U.S. Highway 31 in the city of Cullman. The collision caused the rider to die due to his injuries.

After the accident, the widow decided to raise awareness to the issues related to distracted driving. As a result, she began pushing for legislation that addresses the issue locally. But legislation, the widow claims, is not the only way to put an end to the dangers associated with distracted driving. To her, education is key. That’s why she decided to launch a new non-profit.

At the moment, the widow is in the process of launching the organization. But once the organization is launched, she hopes to create literature and even multimedia that would address the risks and ensure others are learning more about the dangers through a variety of means.

One of the projects the widow wants to see coming true is the production of a film where family members whose loved ones died as a result of distracted driving are interviewed. Such interviews could help others to see for themselves what distracted driving can do.

While too many stories like the Alabama widow’s continue to be covered by the media, few drivers appear interested in putting their money where their mouth is by driving safely and avoiding accidents. The risks are great and if drivers are not exactly aware of how dire the consequences may be, the number of distracted driving accidents may continue to shoot up.

If you’re a driver and you would like to learn more about this widow’s story and how it has helped to shape her ideas about making others aware of the dangers of distracted driving, follow this link to read the full report.


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