Officers Give Tips on How to Avoid Distracted Driving

When it comes to discussing car safety, many of us fail to notice how often distracted driving contributes to accidents.

While during the month of April officers across the country as well as law enforcement agents in California used the Distracted Driving Awareness Month to discuss the importance of focusing on the road, the issues continue to expose drivers statewide to deadly risks. During the month of April, several officers stepped up their efforts to make sure that drivers who were distracted while behind the wheel were cited. The crackdown was meant to send a strong message to drivers everywhere by teaching them that distracted driving will cause them to experience serious trouble.

According to a series of reports, law enforcement crackdowns are not the only activities being embraced by law enforcement agents. Educational events and programs that allow motorists to learn important tips on how to avoid accidents are also being launched.

In places like Bakersfield, officers put together a list of tips that address some important activities that drivers should not ignore if they are serious about car safety. According to experienced officers, some motorists insist on performing activities that are responsible for the increase in the number of auto crashes nationwide: texting while driving. The risks are great, and they do not expose only the one doing the texting, but those who share the road as well.

Drivers who use their phones to text while behind the wheel are 23 times more likely to be in an accident than drivers who are only focused on the road ahead.

Over 1.3 million accidents in 2012 were associated with phone use. If drivers are serious about making sure they are doing all they can to be safe, slashing their phone use is the first thing they should do.

According to the officers’ list of tips, drivers must first and foremost remember that, in California, using your phone to text while behind the wheel is against the law. Making sure your phone is silenced, turned off, or placed in a spot in your car where you cannot see the phone and its screen is a great first step to ensure distracted driving doesn’t occur.

Have your phone set up in a way that, when someone calls or texts, the phone will send an automated message alerting the caller that you’re driving.

Another thing you can do to avoid accidents is to make sure that a passenger takes the phone for you and messages in your place while you’re driving.

While the driver should put safety first at all times, the responsibility should not fall exclusively on the driver’s shoulders. If you are texting someone who is driving, stop. Make sure you’re only contacting the driver when he or she reached their destination.

It’s not hard to prevent distracted driving crashes. Making sure that your phone is not being used is part of it.

For more tips, follow this link to read the full report.


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