Company Sees Demand for Car Safety Technologies Increase

Car safety has been a serious issue for drivers and car makers across the country.

As the number of automakers and technology companies working on developing the autonomous cars continue to also develop new features that make cars much safer, the demand for auto cameras increases. According to Mobileye, its car safety features have been embraced by automaker programs in both Europe and the United States. For the Israeli company, the success of its EyeQ4 chip means that the time is ripe for car safety advocates to begin talking about how tech companies are doing all they can to make sure that the number of auto accidents is decreasing.

The company has been behind the concept of autonomous car systems from the get go. According to a series of reports, it manufactures chips and software that, with the help of cameras, gather data. The systems also use data collected from radars. Since the company has been working on developing innovative systems, more automakers are interested in using more of its technologies. With the development of such car safety systems, drivers will continue to benefit.

According to companies like Google, the idea that has been pushing automakers and tech companies to develop the autonomous car systems has everything to do with making sure that the number of accidents drops significantly. Most auto accidents are caused by human error. When vehicles that drive for themselves begin to take over the roads, drivers will have the opportunity of siting back and relaxing as the vehicle takes them wherever they intend to go. This type of technology may sound somewhat inaccessible at this moment, but the autonomous features are slowly making their way into most newer vehicles.

Volkswagen, Audi, and Volvo has been some of the first automakers to work with companies like Mobileye. Now, seven more models making use of the EyeQ3 technology are about to launch this year.

With features that detect lane markings, road debris, people, vehicles, and traffic lights, cars are safer now than ever.

Until fully autonomous vehicles are made available to all drivers across America, most newer cars will continue to be fitted with technologies that make them safer and easier to navigate. But drivers should always keep in mind that car safety comes first, whether they are looking for a new car or simply thinking about how to deal with certain risks such as distracted driving.

Safety depends on all motorists.

For more details on the car safety technology that has been developed by Mobileye, click here.


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