AT&T: Distracted Driving Is Much Worse Than We Thought

Distracted driving is still a huge issue to drivers nationwide.

But when it comes to the real life consequences of the activity of using a phone to text while behind the wheel, few drivers are aware of how serious the risks are. According to a recent survey, the issue is much greater than we were led to believe previously.

The survey was carried out by AT&T. According to the report, 70 percent of the drivers who participated say they use the smartphones while operating their vehicles.

While most of us agree that distracted driving is an incredibly dangerous activity, we also know that we’re often guilty of it even when we know it could lead to an accident. Until this survey was carried out, however, we seldom discuss how often this happens.

According to AT&T’s survey, at least 6 drivers in every 10 admit to using their phones to text while behind the wheel. At least 30 percent of all drivers who participated in the survey have also admitted to using the Internet while behind the wheel while a third of all respondents claim to use their emails while driving.

But to many, the most shocking discovery made by AT&T is the fact that over a third of all drivers admitted to using their phones while behind the wheel to use social media websites. At least 27 percent claim they check Facebook while 14 percent of drivers use Twitter. But that’s not all, 14 percent of the drivers admitted to using their phones to Instagram while 11 percent claim to use Snapchat while driving.

At leas 17 percent of all drivers told AT&T that they take ‘selfies’ while 10 percent say they do video chat through Skype or FaceTime while driving.

Experts say that the distractions, when combined, could turn out deadly. Due to the fact drivers are using their phones to browse through several social media posts, distracted driving goes to another level. Their attention is focused on their phones for longer periods of time. That, many experts claim, is much worse than using the phone to shoot a quick text.

While a few seconds of distraction may not seem so bad, any time you spend focusing on anything other than the road is potentially deadly. Distracted driving continues to be a serious issue, but drivers are increasingly less concerned about it. After all, experts say, that’s an activity everyone takes part in.

Experts say that when drivers choose to use their phones and partake in distracted driving, they are making a choice to be more vulnerable to accident risks. That’s when an accident that happens as a result of that action should no longer be treated as an accident.

If you’re aware of the risks linked to distracted driving but you’re still curious about the survey, watch the video below.


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