Apple Watch: Could It Pose Distracted Driving Risks?

When it comes to distracted driving, many of us are quick to put all of the blame on phone use even as studies suggest that texting and talking on the phone is not the most popular cause of distracted driving accidents.

But what about Apple’s newest watch, will it be just as distracting as other electronics?

According to many safety advocates, the Apple Watch could, over time, present some increased risks to consumers everywhere. To advocates, the concerns stems from the fact the watches are easier to grab your attention than your phone. If your smartphone is in your pocket or the glove compartment, you may not know you received a message or call if the phone is in silent or vibrate mode. But if your watch received a message, you will be able to quickly look at it and as a result, become too concerned about getting back or even reading on while behind the wheel.

According to experts in the field, the technology is still too new for anybody to say for certain that it could expose drivers to greater risks than phones. The manager of product development in a firm focused on assisting companies to avoid distracted driving accidents caused by fleet drivers has been asked about the potential risks associated with the Apple Watch. His approach to the dangers is still very cautious. Instead of claiming the device could pose major dangers, he simply said that first and foremost, we must focus on devices that are widely used by all drivers across the nation: cell phones.

One approach many if us could embrace to avoid any potential risks associated with the Apple Watch is to address the issue through legislation. At the moment, 14 states plus the District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico have handheld device bans put in place. As a new device enters the stage, more safety advocates fighting to stop distracted driving may want lawmakers to ensure drivers are not using hands to manage the device as they drive.

Until we know more about how the Apple Watch may expose us to distracted driving risks, companies that rely on drivers should implement their own policies to make sure their fleet are safe.

For more details on what many experts think about the Apple Watch and how they may increase the risk of distracted driving accidents, follow this link to read the full article.


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