Driving After Taking Prescription Drugs May Cause Accidents

Distracted and intoxicated driving continue to be two of the most common factors of auto accidents across the United States.

In the state of California, laws have already been put in the books to curb both activities and preserve road safety. But what about driving under the influence of prescription drugs?

We are all faced with at least one moment in life in which we are required to take prescription drugs. Many of those drugs affect how we think and how we act. Due to their effects, many of us end up feeling a serious impact on our ability to drive.

Research has repeatedly shown that when it comes to medication, drivers often experience cognition problems. The driver’s response time is also slower, which is a much more complicated problem if you compare to the effects of alcohol on the driver’s response times.

In California, the law states that drivers may be charged with the crime of driving under the influence if they are behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs. The definition of the word “drug,” however, has been causing some trouble.

According to the state’s Vehicle Code, drivers who are charged with a DUI may not use the prescription factor as a defense and will be charged with driving under the influence. But many are still having a hard time implementing the rules when it comes to prescription drugs since it’s nearly impossible to measure drug impairment levels the same way we measure when it comes to alcohol intake.

Too often, it’s difficult to charge or prosecute DUI charges if they are not linked to accidents. But if an auto accident takes place and the driver at fault was under the influence of prescription drugs, things change. Drivers, passengers, or pedestrians who are injured in crashes caused by drivers who under the influence of prescription medication should not stay silent Looking for a Encino accident attorney who’s professional and who understands that people should not run away from their responsibilities.

Whenever you are under the influence of prescription drugs, consider the potential implications. Many of us may experience reactions that include drowsiness, blurred vision, fainting, dizziness, and nausea. Other effects could also  The consequences could be serious or even deadly. Putting your life and the lives of others in danger should be ruled out of the equation.

Avoid distractions and other factors that could lead to accidents, stay safe and help others to stay safe as a result.


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