These Car Safety Tips Could Save Your Child’s Life

We have been talking about child safety frequently in the past few days. When summer time arrives and the heat wave settles in, there are just too many risks that parents and caregivers should be aware of. In order to help you keep track of the steps you should take to avoid car accidents, we decided to cover the subject a little more extensively.

So before you and the entire family pile into the family car, make sure to remember the following tips to avoid incidents that could expose your children to severe personal injury risks.

Avoid Heatstroke Incidents

According to experts, children are vulnerable to heat in a way adults aren’t. If you are a parent and you’re planning on going on a trip with the entire family, you should first and foremost keep in mind that leaving children unattended in a vehicle for more than a minute could lead to dire consequences. Inside car temperatures can become unsafe in a very short time. If children are not in a vehicle that is cool and comfortable, then they may experience health-related issues that could even lead to fatalities.

Also, make sure that throughout a trip, children are hydrated. Also, check on your child’s car safety seat harness buckles for heat. Too often, these metal parts may become too hot after being exposed to the heat for extended periods of time. To ensure your child is comfortable and their skin won’t be injured if it comes in contact with the hot metal, use harness buckle pockets to ensure the metal parts are stored out of the sun. You may also use a light blanket to cover the car seat so the metal portions are covered.

Avoid Child Injuries: Buckle Up

Whether your child is an infant a toddler, or in his or her early teens, making sure that safety seat belts and harness buckles are properly fastened could save their lives. But while this advice should be followed so your children are safe, adults and teenagers should also never forget to fasten their own seat belts, after all, these devices could save your life in the event of a crash.

Experts also urge parents to check their child car safety seats for proper installment and use before hitting the road. Too often, the device is not installed correctly and, as a result, the child is more likely to be seriously injured in a collision, even if the accident is a mild one. If you require help with your car safety seat, make sure to contact a certified car seat technician near you to have the issue addressed before you hit the road.

Secure All Objects Inside The Car

Before hitting the road, experts urge parents to make sure that all objects inside the car that could become a projectile are secured. That’s because, too often, items that are loose inside the car can expose occupants to injuries in the event of a collision. Unoccupied booster seats, sports equipment, or strollers should all be secured so they are not loose in the event of a crash. Have items such as purses or other bags stored and use cargo nets or shields if you have an SUV. If there are any other lose items, place them in the trunk.

By following this children safety tips, everyone will enjoy their summer trips. For more details or other steps on how to protect your child while inside a vehicle, follow this link to read the full article.


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