Items You Should Have in Your Car Safety Kit

Roadside emergencies can happen any time, and drivers who are serious about safety should know how to handle them.

Having a kit in a handy location in your vehicle could help you to get out of tough situations. But what exactly should a roadside emergency kit carry and why? According to experts, the problems can vary greatly. Whether you experience tire failure or you simply run out of fuel, having a kit with you will make a difference. That’s why auto safety experts decided to put a list together to help you make sure you’re safe, no matter how complicated the situation you find yourself in is.

Having a cellphone in your kit, experts say, could be the single most important thing you do. Also, have a car charger with it. In case your cellphone’s battery runs too low, you may still be able to charge just enough so you can make an emergency call.

Also, make sure your roadside emergency kit has a first-aid kit. Burns, small cuts, or other wounds that require major bandaging can be covered with the items that are usually present in these kits. By having them in your vehicle, you’re able to secure initial treatment is applied before you’re able to call for help.

Having a fire extinguisher in handy is also essential. According to experts, a simple short circuit or an oil leak can lead to fire risks. Having a fire extinguisher in your car can help you to avoid a major fire. But experts also say that, if a car fire starts, even if you believe you put it out promptly, make sure you and your loved ones leave the vehicle and get away from it as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, remember: a safety kit should have an extinguisher simply because the quicker the fire is put out, the less damage it will cause.

Also, make sure to have warning lights, flares, and hazard triangles in your roadside safety kit. Safety experts say that if your vehicle gets stuck on the side of the road, you should always make sure that others know about it to prevent further complications or serious accidents. Having a battery-powered warning light and reflective hazard triangles and flares could also help.

Other objects experts urge car owners to have in their safety kit include tire gauges, foam tire sealants, portable DC-powered air compressors, spare fuses, jumper cables or portable battery boosters, flashlights and extra batteries, gloves, hand cleaners, and clean rags.

Having basic tools in your kit may also come in handy, and don’t forget to carry a disposable flash camera. In case of an accident, you are able to record the condition of your vehicle as a result of the collision.

If you are curious to know more safety tips from AAA and other auto experts, you may follow this link.


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