Are ‘Selfies’ Causing Distracted Driving Accidents?

When it comes to distracted driving accidents, few know exactly what factors are actually associated with the occurrences. While most of us simply assume the accidents are caused by phone use, not all drivers are texting while behind the wheel.

According to a recent study carried out by AT&T, the activities carried out by drivers before accidents happen vary greatly. While some activities linked to crashes are commonplace, others may surprise you.

Distracted Driving Crashes Often Caused By Drivers Taking ‘Selfies’

The latest study released by AT&T claims that people are using their phones to snap selfies while behind the wheel in several accident cases. But that’s not all; texting, talking over the phone, or surfing the web are also to blame.

Unfortunately for several young drivers in the country, the use of cell phones while behind the wheel is part of their daily lives. But what few seldom recognize is that distracted driving can send them into tragedy. Whether you take four or five seconds to snap a photo, look at a text, an email, or a Facebook post won’t make a difference. The vehicle driving at about 50 MPH can go a long way in a five second period. Teen and young, inexperienced drivers are often unaware they could put themselves in grave danger if they choose to use their phones instead of focusing on the road.

According to law enforcement agents, they see several drivers using their phones while behind the wheel, but because of how the laws are written in many states, they lack the authority to pull over a driver just for distracted driving.

To them, drivers are addicted to their phones. This obsession is driving the number of accidents up and causing problems to individuals who are entirely innocent.

According to the statistics released by AT&T as part of its campaign against distracted driving, at least 17 percent of drivers involved in distracted driving accidents were snapping selfies while behind the wheel prior to the crashes. In 12 percent of the cases, the drivers were shooting a video prior to the accidents.

Drivers who are not entirely familiarized with the deadly consequences of distracted driving need not to look to far to find examples of the terrible ramifications of putting phone use before safety.

If you’re curious to know more about the study, you may follow this link to read the full article here. If you’re a driver who’s serious about putting safety first, put your phone down and focus on the road.


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