Tougher Distracted Driving Bill Could Inspire the Country

We have warned about the serious risks that drivers expose themselves and others to every time they take part in distracted driving before.

In order to ensure that car safety comes first, several lawmakers across the country decided to pass laws that fight distracted driving by making unlawful for a driver to use his or her phone while behind the wheel to text or to call. Unfortunately for some drivers in the United States, some states remain unprotected by not passing distracted driving laws of their own.

According to a series of news reports, however, a new local bill targeting distracted driving could give other states enough incentives to ensure motorists understand that distracted driving is a serious issue that could take their lives.

The reports show that, in Washington D.C., a distracted driving ticket could mean more than just a slap on the wrist. If the bill put forth by the D.C. City Council turns into a law, repeat offenders will end up losing their licenses and even their car registrations. If the law is enacted, drivers who are constantly slapped with distracted driving tickets may end up suffering serious consequences that should be avoided at all costs.

Will D.C.’s New Distracted Driving Bill Influence Others?

Many experts believe that once drivers learn about the serious consequences of distracted driving, they are less likely to use their phones behind the wheel. However, a series of studies have suggested quite the opposite. Many surveys have indicated that drivers often know about the risks but choose to use their phones anyway. The difficulty in urging drivers to make sure they are not distracted has prompted lawmakers to develop their own solutions.

Some experts believe that the existence of tougher rules in certain areas, particularly in places like D.C., could help boost safety in other places all across the country. If this law passes and tougher penalties are embraced, distracted driving could suffer a major blow. At least for a period of time.

Until automakers and other manufacturers begin developing widely popular technologies that fight distracted driving, drivers will have to learn to avoid temptation and put their phones down the minute they sit behind the wheel. Other distractions involving activities such as eating, drinking, and grooming could also expose drivers to serious risks.

To learn more about D.C.’s proposed bill, follow this link for the article. If you’re concerned about car safety, make sure to focus on the road and drive defensively.


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