Distracted Driving Also Impacts Police Officers, Experts Say

The dangers associated with distracted driving unfortunately do not affect regular drivers across the United States: police officers are also being impacted by the risks.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Encino that took place in Illinois has stirred the debate revolving police officers guilty of distracted driving. The accident happened when a state trooper traveling on Interstate 64 crashed into a vehicle carrying two teens. The vehicle was going at 126 mph when the collision took place, killing the two teenagers instantly. According to the investigation, the police officer was on his phone when the accident took place.

This kind of preventable accidents should be particularly concerning especially because a police officer was involved. A servant who’s trained to promote safety and ensure the laws are uphold should not break the laws themselves. Regardless of the circumstances, many experts also claim that it’s difficult for police officers to not be distracted while driving mostly because they are often forced to use a series of electronics while behind the wheel of their patrol cars. Too often, their job requires them to talk on their cell phones or other police radios. They also are required to often use their in-car computer.

We hear about other accidents involving police officers being distracted while behind the wheel but never feel like there’s much we can do to fight this trend. Experts say that having police officers doing too many things at once have been losing their capacity of paying attention to the road as they work, thus increasing the risk of serious and even deadly accidents.

According to NBC News, police officers have to deal a series of new technologies that have been pushing the number of distractions up. During an interview with an officer in Washington State, the reporter was able to witness firsthand just how overwhelmed many officers end up being while behind the wheel. According to the report, the patrol car holds a series of features such as a patrol laptop, a radio, light and siren box, personal cellphone, and work cellphone.

According to an expert in police distracted driving, tests show that one of the biggest distractions to officers is the onboard laptop computer. Police officers end up staring into their computer for prolonged seconds while driving, which causes them to fail to pay attention to what is going on around them.

Many advocate for having electronic devices inside patrol cars to turn off automatically when the vehicle begins to move. This could help to fight distracted driving in the future. For more on this story you can either watch the video below or click here for the original article Binder & Associates Encino.


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