Car Safety Seat Laws May Change in Other States

The use of car safety seats and booster seats to ensure children are safe while riding in the back seat of their parents’ cars is required in most U.S. states.

While parents are urged to always make sure they follow the owner’s manual instructions, many parents continue to either ignore the recommendations or simply miss important steps. This kind of behavior has been putting the lives of countless children in serious danger. Experts have been holding educational events that focus on teaching parents just how to choose and install their car safety seats so that children are not directly impacted. But lawmakers across the country have also decided to intervene. In Wisconsin, new car safety seat rules could soon be enacted.

What The New Car Safety Seat Proposal States

In order to ensure that parents are following the rules and children are being protected from potential personal injury accidents that could turn out deadly, a lawmaker has proposed a new bill. The bill would change the state’s child safety seat law. According to the politician, the bill could help to save thousands of lives annually.

The proposal wants to update the current Wisconsin auto safety seat laws so that personal injury accidents involving children can be avoided. The new bill would require children to be placed in a rear-facing safety seat until the child hits the 2-year-old mark.

The law would also allow the parent to keep the child in the rear-facing seat until he or she outgrows the age specifications stipulated by the manufacturer. Currently, local parents who are also drivers are required to seat their children in a rear-facing seat until they weigh more than 20 pounds or are at least one-year-old.According to several lawmakers who support the changes, current legislation does not match what doctors and child, transportation experts claim when it comes to car safety seat use.The new law could help to guide parents who are still confused about the specifications, mostly because many of us continue to receive conflicting information regarding the importance and proper use of the rear-facing auto safety seat. To eliminate the conflicting information could help to avoid deadly personal injury accidents that impact the most vulnerable among us: our children.

According to the reports released by the Centers for Disease Control, about 9,000 children who are under the age of 12 have died in auto accidents between 2002 and 2011. The correct and safe use of the car safety seat and the booster seat can save the lives of children of all ages. Official data demonstrates that the risk of death can be reduced by 71 percent when the seats are being used correctly.

The new legislation would also ensure children sit in the back whenever available until they are at least 13-years-old.

For more on this story and how this law could change everything and avoid personal injury crashes involving children, follow this link.


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