Legislators Remember Deadly Distracted Driving Crash

When it comes to distracted driving, the risks are too great to simply leave it to automakers to address the issue, at least that’s what a handful of lawmakers are saying.

In some states, laws targeting distracted driving are still not tough enough, according to safety experts. Now, one of those states is reviewing the issue. According to a series of news reports, Utah lawmakers are working on bringing back the bill for a second look. They are hoping to regulate cell phone use so that innocent bystanders are not impacted by distracted drivers.

But why are lawmakers so interested in going over the bill again at this time? According to local reports, the debate comes on the heels of the second anniversary of a deadly distracted driving accident that claimed the life of a man and left his wife seriously injured.

Distracted Driving Crash Remembered By Local Communities

According to several news reports, the accident that took place two years ago involved a couple of pedestrians and two vehicles. The report shows that a distracted driver had crashed into another car. The vehicle ended up striking the couple. As a result, the man sustained serious injuries. He succumbed to his wounds before reaching the hospital.

According to witnesses, the man dove in front of his wife, which caused him to get hit much harder than she was.

Last year, Utah lawmakers focused on passing a tougher legislation to cover the issue. Since July 1st, drivers in the region are prohibited from using their phones to write, send, or even read ay type of written statement or communication while behind the wheel. This law targets drivers who are simply too distracted by testing, checking social media, or email while driving.

The tougher legislation also prohibits drivers from dialing the phone, watching or recording video, or entering any kind of data into the device.

All across the Washington County, drivers are exposed to signs telling them that officers will target them if they are distracted. According to local law enforcement agencies, the implementation of a tougher distracted driving ordinance has driven the number of phone use while behind the wheel down.

In spite of the momentary victory, lawmakers are hoping to make the laws even stringier. While some safety experts believe that’s what’s going to make drivers safer, others believe that only educational efforts will make the necessary changes.

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