Car Safety Experts Discuss Hackers Attacking Your Car

When it comes to car safety, cyber threats seldom come to our minds.

Unfortunately, there is an array of activities that could expose our cars—and consequently ourselves—to serious risks if technology developers, automakers, and regulators do not address the risks.

According to a series of news reports, most of the newer vehicles being sold nowadays in the United States come with wireless technology. This kind of feature makes vehicles more vulnerable to serious cyber and security threats. The hacking risk has been discussed by experts all across the country, but little has been done to remedy it.

A report titled “Tracking and Hacking: Security and Privacy Gaps Put American Drivers at Risk” has been recently released. According to the senator behind the report, letters were sent to major automakers so executives would address the importance of making sure that car safety is their top priority. The letters also asked them to develop solutions to the hacking risk.

Feedback provided by 16 automakers was used in the report on technology and car safety. Some of the companies included Ford, BMW, Chrysler, GM, Hyundai, Honda, and Jaguar Land Rover.

Some of the risks involving cyber threats that could expose drivers to major threats were listed by the senator. Some of the security risks include some attacks that could even expose drivers to crash risks.

If You Care About Car Safety, Pay Attention to These Security Risks

According to a study from 2013, researchers were able to hack into cars by using their laptops. The study indicated that during the process, they were able to cause the vehicles they hacked into to accelerate. In some cases, researchers killed the vehicles’ brakes and even activated their horns.

The scary scenarios involving this kind of risks could end up inspiring drivers to either avoid purchasing new cars. Hopefully, automakers are already working on developing protections against hacking. But are they enough?

For now, experts are also concerned about risks involving hackers modifying speedometers and gas gauge readings. This activity could expose drivers to risks mostly because the tire pressure monitoring systems and the headlights could also be controlled remotely, thus increasing the risk of accidents.

The official studies into the potential risks associated with car hacking also show that an invasion carried out by a malicious hacker could allow the attacker to obtain data regarding the vehicle and the driver. The access to a vehicle’s network could take place through Bluetooth connections. Since the data hackers could access to may be used for malicious purposes, vehicle manufacturers are being urged to make sure that a proper assessments of the possible threats are being carried out so that solutions are developed promptly.

Other risks that could put your car safety in danger include making your location and the location of your vehicle available to hackers.

According to experts, all threats are serious but one of the most important risks drivers should keep in mind is that a hacker could have access to your car computer to disable your vehicle. If that occurs while you’re driving, an accident may occur.If you’re concerned about car safety and you would like to know more about how the cyber threat can expose you to crash risks, follow this link.


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