California Cyclists Urge Drivers to Fight Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to be an issue that causes many of us to scratch our heads and wonder just what can we do to stop it.

According to a series of local news organizations, dozens of cyclists have gathered in Calabasas, California to urge drivers to beware of the risks associated with distracted driving. Cyclists, many of them say, are the most vulnerable victims of drivers’ inattention.

Focus on the road and awareness of what is going on around them could help to save the lives of countless cyclists across the state.

Deadly Distracted Driving Crashes Inspire Bicyclists

According to a report by CBS2, the rally is being held in honor of several bicycle riders who were fatally injured in auto accidents linked to distracted driving.

According to some of the participants, remembering their friends by calling drivers out sends an important message to drivers everywhere. Riders often feel like their lives are at risk. Inattention is the number one factor of accidents caused by drivers that also impact cyclists. If motorists do not become aware of the risks, they could soon be exposing many more to deadly crash hazards.

But what can cyclists and sensible drivers do about this problem?

The number of accidents caused by drivers who are distracted while behind the wheel continues to rise. The consequences are often deadly. In spite of the probable consequences, motorists continue to text and drive.

Technology manufacturers are developing new systems that may help drivers to avoid distractions. Automakers are working with engineers to develop solutions through their vehicles’ infotainment systems. But what can drivers do now to keep the number of distracted driving crashes from growing?

Driving defensively is one of the best ways to avoid distracted driving accidents. Attention to everything that is going around you helps you to make the right decision when an obstacle comes your way. If you’re not attentive, distractions will keep you from acting promptly. This delay in response increases the risk of deadly accidents.

While this event is aimed at drivers locally, its message should be shared to motorists nationwide.

Distractions hurt drivers and expose pedestrians and cyclists to accident risks that could have been avoided otherwise. If you’re a motorist, keep that in mind and act on it by putting your phone down.

If you’re interested in learning more about the rally and what cyclists are asking drivers to focus on, follow this link.


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