Study: Millions of Distracted Driving Incidents Happen Daily

When it comes to identifying the most common factors behind auto accidents, most of us believe drinking and driving happens to be the number one cause of accidents in America. According to official sources, however, distracted driving has slowly become the most common cause of accidents across the country.

According to a recent study released by the Preusser Research Group, 11.1 million separate instance of distracted driving happens every day in places like Connecticut.

Before you claim this is too high of a number for it to be accurate, the research group’s vice president reminded news sources that the study did not take into account drivers on the interstates. The study indicates that 10 percent of drivers are usually distracted either by using their phone to talk or to text.

Local law enforcement agencies have been upping their distracted driving law enforcement game by focusing on cracking down on motorists who are distracted. The campaign known as ‘U Drive, U Text, U Pay’ is using observers who are trained to identify distracted drivers. This type of crackdown, some experts believe, could help to send a strong message that will alert other motorists about the possible risks they are exposing themselves and others to if they continue to take part in distracted driving activities.

According to the study, 9.6 percent of motorists in the region are either using their phones to text or call at any given time of the day.

Across the country, local law enforcement agencies as well as other private organizations have been working to make drivers aware of the risks they are exposing themselves to each time they give in to the temptation of using a phone while operating a vehicle. Distractions are often related to a series of activities and phone use is one of them.

During the month of April, groups are observing the National Distracted Driving Month and urging drivers everywhere to stay focused on the road. Putting your phone down is not enough. Understanding that there are different types of distractions is the first step. Taking action to make sure none of the distractions impact you is the second step.

According to AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, distracted driving is a factor in 6 out of every 10 accidents involving teens. Many of these crashes are severe.

If drivers of all ages are serious about being safe, tacking this distraction issue should be seen as a top priority.

For more information on the Connecticut research, follow this link.


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