Driverless and Car Safety Tech Under the Spotlight

The challenges we face as a nation include learning about the several risks we are faced with every time we sit behind the wheel of our cars. The conversation is finally shifting and boosting car safety is turning into the go-to solution.

Distracted driving and other problems that lead to a myriad of accidents have been hailed as some of the most pressing issues we must tackle if we want to keep the number of people killed in auto accidents to a minimal. During the latest New York International Auto Show, automakers and other technology developers unveiled what they are doing to tackle the car safety issue. Most of the companies excited about showing the public their new features have focused on the importance of developing systems that protect car occupants.

Car Safety Turns Heads During Auto Show

One of the companies present at the event is known as Delphi Automotive. The company that made the very first autonomous vehicle travel from San Francisco to New York. The trip used the autonomous system 99 percent of the time. According to the Binder & Associates company, the driver would only take over the wheel when the vehicle traveled in or out of the city.

But the event wasn’t special only because of the autonomous technology. Many members of the public and the media cherished Delphi’s dedication to developing systems that tackle the car safety issue by focusing on developing technologies that reduce the risk of accidents. General Motors also used the space to launch its newest vehicle. The new Chevy Malibu comes with a system entirely dedicated to the teen driver. The technology was developed to give parents peace of mind and ensure teens are not involved in accidents.

The new GM feature and the new autonomous technologies developed by Delphi and other companies could soon be part of most newer vehicles, helping to keep drivers out of trouble.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or not, learning more about the new car safety features many companies are developing could help you make a good decision when buying your next car. Focusing on vehicles that come with competent safety technologies will help you to avoid accidents and protect your loved ones.

If you’re curious to know more about the driverless Car And Auto Accident technology and how it’s associated with safety, you can focus on this link to read the full article.

Hopefully, more automakers will get on with the new trend and more vehicles will be equipped with the same crash avoidance capabilities.

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