Applying Lip Balm Could Land You a Distracted Driving Ticket

Accidents happen due to a series of factors. Human error is one of them. But error alone is not the problem, deliberate actions that appear innocent—such as applying lip balm—have also been causing the number of crashes to go up.

According to a series of news reports, a driver has recently been slapped with a citation for being distracted while behind the wheel. Her action wasn’t associated with cell phone use, however. Instead, she was applying lip balm.

The incident happened when the Las Vegas woman applied lip balm while behind the wheel. She pulled away from the intersection when the officer pulled her over. According to the policeman, she was putting on makeup while the light was red. That was enough for the officer to give her a $200 ticket. She also got points on her driving record as a result.

The action of applying any kind of makeup while behind the wheel—even while stopped at a red light—was a violation of a local ordinance. Distractions under the local laws include a series of actions.

In areas like the town where the 37-year-old driver got a ticket for applying lip balm, drivers are liable to be ticked by just having their hands anywhere other than the wheel. This type of no tolerance approach has been failed as tyrannical by few, but local authorities believe this will help to put an end to distracted driving.

Most states have all passed their own distracted driving laws. While each set of laws is different, not all distracted driving rules are as stringent as the ones that allowed the Las Vegas officer to give the woman a ticket for applying makeup.

Other incidents similar to the latest case have also concerned local citizens. But to officers, drivers are often distracted by performing actions that should not be allowed. According to the authorities, drivers put on makeup, men use electric razors, and drivers often even watch videos as they drive.

Such distractions have been associated with the increase in the number of accidents. If laws do not address all problems, deadly accidents will continue to take place. But are laws alone going to change things for the better? Many safety advocates don’t buy it. Instead, they think educational events should be the best approach to the problem.

Whether you agree with safety advocates or the authorities, it’s important to keep it in mind that distracted driving, even applying lip balm, causes accidents. To avoid them, continue to focus on the road and keep your hands on the wheel. For more details on this story, follow this link.


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