Thanksgiving & Road Safety: All You Need to Know

Thanksgiving is finally upon us and soon enough, friends and family members will be joining you to celebrate.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, millions of Americans will be traveling to make it back to their parents homes or to simply make it to a family member’s house for the festivities, making this time of the year especially concerning for car safety and road safety advocates.

Reports indicate that in order to ensure you and your loved ones are safe when hitting the road for Thanksgiving, the Red Cross has come up with certain steps that you should follow in order to ensure you and your loved ones make it through this holiday season safely. So that you may have all the information necessary to have a fun and safe time out there, we decided to split the series of tips in two articles so that the information regarding both road and kitchen safety can be properly organized. This will help you to ensure that you can easily go over the steps so that you may avoid accidents that will expose yourself and others to major risks.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Thanksgiving holiday is a particularly busy one for road travel.

Making sure that the roads you’ll be taking to reach your final destination are safe should be an important first step to take before you actually hit the road with the whole gang. Traveling from warmer areas to cooler regions of the country may expose your vehicle to certain risks, making car tune-ups even more necessary.

Considering your car is ready to hit the road, the Red Cross has urged all drivers to keep in mind that they must follow the rules of the road at all times.

Observing the speed limit should be of great importance, particularly because deadly auto accidents happen much more often when drivers are speeding. Making sure all of your passengers are buckled up will also ensure they are less likely to be hurt in the event of an accident. Drinking and driving should also be out of question, nevertheless, many drivers may end up being exposed to risks caused by other intoxicated or even distracted motorists. Stay alert to ensure you have enough time to circumvent dangerous situations.

According to Red Cross, making sure that you’re aware of work zones will also help to avoid accidents. Whenever traveling near these areas, drivers are required to slow down or risk being slapped with a fine for non-compliance.

In order to ensure your family is safe during longer trips, the Red Cross has urged drivers of all ages to keep in mind that drowsy driving is particularly dangerous. Making sure that drivers are rotated during long trips will help to avoid accidents caused by distractions or drowsiness. According to experts, making frequent stops could also be helpful.

Before hitting the road, drivers are also urged to make sure their headlights are functioning properly so no visibility issue takes place. By cleaning your car’s headlights, windows and signal lights, you will ensure others can see you clearly while also making sure that your visibility is not impaired.

Tomorrow, we’ll be writing about kitchen safety so that your Thanksgiving can be just as fun—and safe!—during the food preparation.


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