Teens Learn About Distracted Driving With Simulator

Multiple reports have confirmed that half of all teen drivers in the United States eventually use their phones to text or email while behind the wheel.

This conclusion is scary, especially if you think about the consequences of these actions. Unfortunately for thousands of innocent drivers, pedestrians, and passengers across the country, distracted driving often leads to deadly consequences. Drivers who are alert and focused on the road end up being impacted by the distraction and negligence of others, which should be why drivers should be urged to avoid this behavior.

In several high schools across the country, staffs are putting together events with the help of local law enforcement agencies and other groups to ensure their teens are aware of the many risks they could be exposing themselves to when they drive while distracted.

Some of these events make use of simulators, which help drivers to understand just how difficult it is for them to drive and use their phones to text at the same time.

The program uses a computer that will take the driver through the city. During the trip, several distractions will come up. Drivers are often encouraged to try to use their phones while inside these simulators. In many cases, teens are often unable to go through with the entire program without being involved in an accident precisely because they are distracted and are incapable of avoiding hitting others as a result. To have this kind of simulation happening in a controlled environment helps teens to understand the dire consequences of distracted driving, helping to boost safety as a consequence.

Some teens who participate in the educational programs usually claim they will think twice before trying to reach for their phone while behind the wheel. This kind of result could be positive, especially considering some teens are not exposed to driving education. Inexperienced drivers may feel they know what they are doing, but their lack of experience puts them and others in dangers often because of their incapacity to deal with some situations that are new to them.

The use of cell phones and other electronics is also part of this inexperience.

Teens are often more likely to be involved in distracted driving accidents than older drivers. This is true mostly because teens are more inclined to be using their phones often and irresponsibly than older drivers.

Whether you’re an inexperienced driver or a parent whose teen is about to get his or her license, make sure to lead by example and put your phone down while behind the wheel.


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