New Auto Safety Technologies May Avoid Personal Injury Crashes

According to a series of news reports, car safety technology has been changing at such a fast pace that most new cars are able to help drivers not only by ensuring they’re safe in a crash but also by ensuring personal injury accidents are less likely to occur.

Experts have put together a list of auto safety technologies that have been developed by Chevrolet that could help car owners to avoid personal injury and Wrongful Death Attorney. The technologies could also help to improve road safety as a whole.

The most important thing about these kinds of technologies is that they haven’t been designed only to ensure drivers are protected from crashes, they also keep crashes from taking place.

The technologies in the official list should be available in most of the 2015 models. Most of them encompass cameras and even radars, making the 2015 Chevy models vehicles that most of us would have not imagined to be around this early.

As concerned Encino Personal Injury attorneys, we want to help you to stay in the loop, we’re offering comment on some of these technologies with this post.

The official reports coming from Chevy mention the new rear vision cameras, which will soon be standard technology in most newer vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Chevy’s version might soon be fitted with rear vision cameras that will offer the driver real-time feed on the dashboard screen. Motorists will have access to info on what’s going on behind the car without having to move an inch trying to get a better look.

We believe this technology could help avoid accidents, particularly those that involve small children who often play near vehicles parked in the driveway.

Another technology that could be of great use is the rear cross traffic alert, which will warn the driver of potential movement by oncoming cars or even pedestrians with the help of radar sensors that are placed on both sides of the vehicle. This technology will help the driver to avoid accidents by keeping the driver on top of the loop of what is going around his or her car.

Alert systems such as the side blind zone alert and the forward collision alert use radar sensors. When the driver is attempting to change lanes, the radars will pick up movement in the driver’s blind spots, which will help them to avoid crashes. The same happens when the vehicle is getting too close to another vehicle right ahead; the forward collision alert system will warn the driver of a possible collision risk.

The radar technology combined with the front automatic braking might be the best thing Chevy has developed for its consumers. According to the firm, the automatic braking system will be triggered if the driver does not respond promptly to a forward collision alert. If the brakes are not launched by the driver, the vehicle will brake the car to avoid a collision.

Other systems that might be available in most of the 2015 vehicles manufactured by Chevrolet include the adaptive cruise control, which could also help to mitigate the risks associated with abrupt changes in traffic, and the lane departure warning system that could the vehicle in its lane, thus avoiding potential side crashes.Stay on top of the news to learn more about car safety and how tech can avoid personal injury. Click here to read more on the new safety systems offered by Chevy.


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