Highway Safety Tips Will Also Keep You Safe This Holiday

Thanksgiving is almost here! In order to help you to have a safer and more enjoyable holiday, we covered two aspects of safety you should keep in mind during this season: auto and kitchen.

But is it all that Americans should focus on during this time of the year to avoid potential personal injury incidents? Hardly. And here’s why: roads will be congested during the next couple of days and drivers should entertain the idea of doing everything in their power to avoid auto accidents by following certain tips that may help them to spot and evade risk factors.

According to many experts, planning ahead is the best way to go about making sure that the path you’ve chosen to travel is safe, especially during this time of the year. Pack an emergency kit that includes flashlights, battery powered radios and extra batteries, blankets, first aid kit, jumper cables, blankets, bottled water, maps, tire repair kits, and flares.

Before hitting the highway, have exits written down so that you won’t forget them. Make sure to watch the signs and avoid making unexpected abrupt lane changes in order to avoid crashes.

When having everybody getting inside the car, remind your passengers that the seat belt should be buckled up the whole way. If children are tagging along, make sure to have the car safety seats correctly installed. Also, make sure the child is seated and secured to the seat so that he or she won’t be exposed to any major personal injury risks.

While on the road, leave extra room between your car and and the vehicle in front of you. The extra space will help you to avoid visibility issues if the road you’re traveling on is covered with ice or snow. The extra space may also help you to maneuver if problems present themselves ahead.

When it comes to road safety, avoiding to cut in front of large trucks can also help to avoid major crashes. Experts are now urging drivers who are getting ready to hit the road this holiday season to keep in mind that large trucks are heavy. The extra weight makes it harder for them to come to a complete stop. Cutting right in front of large trucks means that you will be giving the driver even less time to stop the vehicle in case the traffic slows down ahead, which could then translate into an accident. Also, truck drivers are often impaired by their vehicles’ blind spots. If you’re unable to see the driver in the truck’s mirrors, he or she is also unable to see you.

Make sure that distracted driving is not part of your holiday driving. According to experts, distractions account for a great number of traffic accidents taking part in the United States daily. A few seconds of distraction are enough to cause an accident so keep your eyes on the road and drive safely.

Whether you’re driving great lengths to arrive at your destination for the holiday, make sure to leave early so that you have extra time to avoid any potential risky areas. Also, stay alert to what weather experts are saying about the regions you’re about to travel to so you’re not caught unprepared.

By following these tips, you and your loved ones will arrive safely and on time for the Thanksgiving celebration.


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