After Investigation, Chrysler Recalls Dodge Ram 1500 Trucks

The 2014 recall routine hasn’t stopped for the holidays.

According to recent news reports, Chrysler has issued a recall for 257,000 units of the 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks that have been produced with loose nuts that could cause the rear axle to suddenly seize. This issue could increase the risk of a serious car accident.

The affected vehicles were manufactured between January 2004 and August 2005. The report issued by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claimed that the affected units should be sent to dealers so that the staff may install a retention feature to the pinion nut, maintaining the components affixed so that the axle won’t snatch while the vehicle is in use.

An investigation into complaints put forth by consumers across the country was launched by the NHTSA back in June. According to the results of the investigation, the issue was associated with the loose pinion nuts. The June investigation is the second into the Chrysler vehicles affected by problems that had involved axle problems, including axle lock up and other failures that even caused trucks to spin.

At least 15 reports of incidents associated with these vehicles were registered by the NHTSA. If you have any incident to report, contact the federal agency immediately.

Defective Dodge Vehicles Put Children At Risk

The NHTSA reported that one of the complaints registered by an affected consumer involved an accident caused by powertrain failure. The vehicle involved was a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 that suddenly experience an axle lock up, causing the vehicle to go into a spin while traveling at 50 mph. The reports indicated that no warning was released before the incident and the driver heard a loud bang just before the axle failed.

Regulators reported that the driver lost control of the vehicle, which caused the truck to be nearly rear ended or broad sided by oncoming cars. The vehicle only stopped spinning some seconds later when the driver noticed smoke coming from everywhere around the car. Two children were in the truck at the time of the accident.

While this issue impacted other consumers, Chrysler first issued a recall in October of 2012 for similar problems, but many of the vehicles involved were the 2009 and 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 as well as the Dodge Dakota trucks, but nothing was reported about the 2005 model.

The federal agency found at least 194 reports concerning the axle issue, including three accidents.

If you were affected, make sure to contact Chrysler right away to schedule a visit to a local dealership so that the problem can be solved immediately. Do not let this linger until you’re involved in a major accident. Click here to read more details.


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