Safety Tips for Driving on Icy and Snowy Roads This Winter Season (Part 1)

If you have not driven in icy or snowy conditions, take the time to become familiar with these winter driving safety tips so you can safely celebrate this holiday season.

While California winters are pretty mild when compared to those in some other parts of the country, many people commute to colder locales to enjoy white, snowy winters with their loved ones. During such trips, it’s crucial that people who have not driven in icy or snowy conditions take the time to become familiar with some essential winter driving safety tips so that they and their families can safely celebrate this holiday season.

Preparing for the Journey: How to Get Your Vehicle Ready

Before getting on the road, you should make sure that your vehicle is fully prepared so that you reduce your chances of getting into an accident, becoming stranded and/or not having the necessary equipment you need to get your vehicle up and running again. To prepare your vehicle:

  • Check the air pressure levels in all of your tires, and fill your tires with air if their PSI is less than the manufacturer’s recommended levels.
  • Check the tread on all of your tires. For driving in the snow, the tread should be at least 6/32”. If your tires have less tread then this, then you should replace them before driving in snowy or icy conditions.You can easily check this by putting a penny (with Lincoln’s head pointed towards the tire) between the grooves of tread on a tire. If the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the penny is covered, then there is at least 6/32” of tread left on your tires.
  • Check your vehicle’s heater/defroster, lights, and ignition and exhaust systems to make sure they are all properly working.
  • Pack a safety kit to keep in the trunk of your car. This kit, which will be essential if you are stranded on the side of the road for any amount of time, should include the following:
    • Jumper cables, flares and reflectors
    • An icy scraper and snow brush
    • A first aid kit
    • Sand or kitty litter (to use for traction if your car is stuck in the snow)
    • A flashlight and batteries
    • A blanket, gloves, a hat and boots
    • A gallon of water and nonperishable food items

For more winter driving safety tips, be sure to check out the upcoming Part 2 of this blog.

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